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March 4, 2016

Picking your wedding venue


1) Why type of wedding do you envision?
Formal or Informal? Are you looking to have a traditional wedding or more of a party? Do you prefer to have your wedding at night or during the day? Do you want an indoor venue or an outdoor setting? Make sure you as a couple you figure out the basics of what you are looking for in a venue before you start your search. You want to make sure you are on the same page from the beginning. Trust me, it will save you a huge headache in the end.

2)Consider the reception space.
Make sure you have a space that will fit all of your guests. This sounds obvious but you need to think about not just the number of guests you will have but what else you will want in the space as well. A wedding typically has tables, chairs, a bar or two, band or DJ, dance floor, cake or dessert table, guest book table, and a buffet (if you don't plan on family style or plated). A good rule of thumb is to allow for 25 to 30 square feet per guest. Make sure you consider this when picking a venue. If you have an outdoor location, remember to consider room for restrooms if there is not a building on site with restrooms. If you have your heart set on a specific space then think about tailoring your guest list to what the space will fit.

3) Privacy – Expectations are Key
Privacy varies widely for different types of venues. Homeowner's properties are one of the most private venues given that it is private property.  Family and/or friends may have acreage that they'd be kindly willing to offer.  A public place like a beach, park or community garden are terrific options, though realize that these areas will most likely have pedestrians passing by. Venues that may be more intimate are restaurants, a gallery or one where you're able to reserve the entire facility. Be sure to ask the venue if they will have any other events going on that day or evening. Some venues may have more than one wedding in the same room at different times of the day.  They also may have more than one event occuring simultaneously in different rooms or spaces around the venue. Remember to ask if there is a possibility of more than just your wedding happening at that location during that day. This allows you to set realistic expectations of the event space and your venue. It also limits the amount of surprises that could arise the day of your wedding.

4) It's all about the FOOD! Catering considerations to think about.
Remember not every venue will allow you to bring in your own caterer. Depending on your venue you may have to choose from an in-house catering menu or a preferred vendors list. Most venues will allow you to bring in a wedding cake made by an outside bakery but might charge you a cake-cutting fee. Make sure to ask about this no matter where you select to have your reception.

Before you sign your contract!

Make any requests you think you may want before signing your contract with the venue of your choice. Note: you are more likely to get an extra hour for your cocktails or an extended reception with no extra fee prior to signing your contract. If you ask after you sign your contract the venue might not be as lenient with you. The reason being is that prior to signing the contract they are looking to close the sale and get your business. After the contract is signed they may have less motivation to meet you halfway.

January 8, 2016

The Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner

Planning an event doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when there are experts at Fosters who enjoy helping with all the details. By hiring an Event Planner, you can save time and money, and also greatly reduce your stress level. A good planner listens closely to what you have to say and incorporates your wishes and demands, mixing their professional advice or opinions when essential.

What are the benefits of working with a Event Planner?
A Event Planner will save you stress during the planning process and especially on the actual day of your event. They'll also serve as your creative partner and provide a wealth of knowledge, ideas, realistic insights when appropriate. Stressing about not having time to research vendors and venues? Planners do the legwork and work out all the details. This allows you the flexibility to go to appointments as needed, approve designs, sample menus, and not have to worry about overseeing the all the logistical matters.

Frame Tent Frame tent in Lake Placid, NY from an event this winter.

March 7, 2013

Winter Tenting Challenges

Every job that we complete has its own set of challenges.  Each job requires a certain level of focus and customization on our part to ensure that our structures will be safe.  Tenting in winter poses a different set of obstacles.  Some of the impediments that arise in winter include staking issues, snow load issues, and warmth issues.  These can certainly be hinderances, however, they may not always be.

We typically secure our tents in place by driving stakes into the ground.  In winter, and in some other cases, we must ballast our tents in order to secure them in place.  We use concrete blocks that weigh almost 600 pounds to reach our required holding power.  They are cumbersome to move but they are much safer than other ballasting options.

The weather is a variable that is out of everyone's control.  It is standard practice during the warmer months to watch the forecast and that is no different in the winter.  If we have a snow storm headed in the path of one of our tents, we must be sure that there will be someone on site to keep snow build up to a minimum. 

Tents do not have much of an insulating effect, so we must be sure that adequate heat is available.  We cover the perimeter of the tent with sidewalls and secure the bottoms of the sidewalls to prevent them from being displaced by wind.  We then ensure that our propane tent heaters are supplying more than enough hot air into the tent to create a comforatble setting.

We enjoy the obstacles that arise and we love to safely exceed our own limitations.  Each job is a new canvas to create something special for someone special.  We are excited for a new season and cannot wait to see what is in store for us this year!

February 18, 2013

Spring Weddings In The Adirondack Region Of Upstate New York

We love the impending spring season!  Longer days, warmer sun, and the thawing of a chilly winter all combine to make this time of year a welcome change.  Spring dawns a wide array of wonderful color and venue options for upcoming weddings.  Warmer days and fresh spring air are a great setting for any outdoor wedding.  It can still be quite chilly at night during the spring, so it is wise to have a heat source for the event. 

The beautiful views of the Adirondacks are sure to leave lasting impressions from any spring wedding.  Colorful linens also add an elegance to every table during this time of year, especially weddings in the mountains of Lake Placid or on the beautiful properties of Lake Champlain.  New green grass and the budding apple trees of our area also offer a wonderful setting for an outdoor spring wedding.  Whichever route the wonderful soon-to-be-married-couples choose, may it be a marvelous occasion in a sensational area.

January 7, 2013

Happy New Year & Happy New Website!

We have been diligently working this winter to bring a new website to life. We are delighted with our new website and hope that it will create the best experience for our customers. The planning process often begins with our customers visiting us on the web and we want it to be a pleasant experience from the very beginning.

A great number of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and The New Year. We could not be happier for all of the newly engaged couples and we wish all of them the very best. The wedding day is a celebrated event that will be cherished for a lifetime. Many will be looking to create the most memorable day of their lives and they deserve nothing less. We are honored to have a role in making any wedding day special and we are motivated to ensure that each one has a lasting impression. Congratulations to all engaged couples and contact us today, we are more than happy to help you bring your dream wedding to life.

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