Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to call us at 518-493-7300 or email with any questions you may have.


Interested in receiving a quote?
Please feel free to call (518-493-7300), email (, or use our online form.  Information you should include about your event are the items and services you are interested in, the number of people attending the event, the date, and the location of the event.  Once our staff has received the information; we will build a custom quote for your event and send it to the email address provided.


How do I finalize my order or reserve my items?
Your items will be reserved upon receipt of a dual signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of thirty three percent of the total bill. In addition a valid credit or debit card is required on the credit card authorization form for incidentals. If your order is placed within thirty days of your event the full amount of the order will be due upon receipt of the contract. Once we have the above forms you are guaranteed the rental items in your order for the date on the order confirmation form.


When should I reserve my order?
It is never too early to secure items or services for an event. We recommend reserving items as early as possible to ensure availability.


Can I revise my reserved order? Yes, revisions can be made until 30 days prior to the event. At that point, the order should be finalized. You may add items or services to your existing order within 30 days of your event for a fee of $25.00 per change. Additions will be based on availability.


What types of payments do you accept?
We except cash, credit card or a check. If paying by check please make check payable to Fosters' Tent Rentals. In the memo portion of the check please include the order number found on the top right hand side of your order confirmation. Check's should be mailed to 276 Fournier Road West Chazy, NY 12992. We must have final payment 30 days prior to your event.


When does delivery and pick-up take place?
For larger events, such as weddings, we typically deliver 1-3 days beforehand. Smaller events, such as informal gatherings, are usually delivered 1-2 days prior to the event. Pick-up is usually 1-3 days after the event. Requests for delivery and pick-up are welcome, an additional charge may be issued due to our strict schedule.


Do I need to be present for delivery and pick up?
It is not required, however, it is recommended that someone is there to guide the location of rental items. If someone cannot be present, the items will be delivered to a designated location indicated by the customer prior to delivery. We require all rented items to be gathered and in the same organized manner that we deliver. This prevents the need for someone to be present upon pick up.


Does your staff set-up the equipment?
All tents will be safely installed by our trained installation team. Other items such as dance floors, lights, draping, sidewalls, etc. will also be installed by the installation team. Items such as linens and tableware will be delivered in bins and racks. Final arrangement/placement will be the client's responsibility. We do not arrange tables and chairs. Tables will be unfolded with chairs stacked on top. If you would like us to arrange tables and chairs according to an approved CAD diagram we will charge an additional labor fee.


Should I do anything with the items before pick-up?
Anything on the rental items must be removed before scheduled pickup time. All rental items should be in the designated pickup location upon scheduled pickup time. All dishes, glassware, flatware, and catering items should be food and particle free, rinsed and then returned to the proper rack(s) or container(s) in which the rental items came in. Linens should be food and particle free and shaken out. Linens that are returned with burns, wax, holes, tears, permanently stained, wet or damp with mildew, or otherwise unusable will be charged for the cost to replace the linen. In addition all chairs and tables should be stacked. Please be sure to notify your caterer of these contract conditions as there will be an additional charge for any item(s) returned in any other conditions then that indicated above and you will be charged an additional fee. This fee will be charged to the authorized card on file. Additionally you will be charged if the rental items are not ready for scheduled pickup.


Are site checks required?
Site checks are not required, however, they are strongly recommended. Especially, if you believe there may be any space limitations or obstacles during installation.


How do I determine which size table is best suited for my event?
30”X72” Rectangle Table - 6 guests (3 per side) *Optional - 1 per end
30”X96” Rectangle Table - 8 guests (4 per side) *Optional - 1 per end
60” Square - 8 guests
54” Round - 6 guests
60” Round - 8 guests
72” Round - 10 guests
40”X96” Farmhouse Table - 8 guests (4 per side) *Optional - 2 per end


How do I determine which linens correspond with my tables?
90” Round - 36” Round Short Table
108” Round - 54” Round Table
120” Round - 60” Round Table or 36” Round Table Tall
132” Round - 72” Round Table
60”x120” - 72” or 96” Banquet Table (does not reach floor)
90”x132” - 72” Banquet Table
90”x156” - 96” Banquet Table
120” Square - 60” Square Table


What must be done to prepare my site for a tent set-up?
Your site should be clear of any item or items that may affect setup prior to your delivery date. If the site is not ready or accessible when the Fosters' setup team arrives, the client will incur any additional fee for setup and or your rental items may not be delivered. This additional fee will be charged to the authorized card on file.

Tent Preparation: You the client agrees to inform Fosters' by email or fax the location of any existing private underground utilities, or conditions that may interfere with the ability to put tent stakes in the ground or anchor rental items. Please have the area marked out for Fosters' where it is safe to stake. In order to insure this is done correctly you can call Dig Safe at 811. There will be a additional charge associated with any on-site custom installation that must be done (e.g. decks, rock ledge, asphalt, permanent structures or objects) and will be charged to the authorized card on file.

You the client will assume responsibility for all damages to underground utilities in absence of notice or incorrect location of utilities. Fosters' will not be liable for any damages or injuries incurred due to a result of incorrect utility marking.


Is it safe to use the tent in bad weather?
Tents are temporary structures and can sustain most normal weather conditions. However, in situations such as high winds or lightning, the tent must be evacuated for safety precautions. Do not seek shelter inside of a tent during extreme weather.


If I rent an item and don't use it, do I still get charged?
Yes, when a client rents an item from us, it removes the item or items from our inventory, preventing us from renting to another client.


What if I don't see the item that I am looking for?
It is always possible to special order any item we do not have in inventory. We love working with our clients on new ideas and items!


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations for all rental items must be submitted by phone or email. Rental items canceled within thirty days of the event will be charged fifty percent of the total rental cost. Rental items canceled within ten days will be charged one-hundred percent of the total cost of the rental item(s).


What does the Damage Waiver include?
The damage waiver include linens, tableware, sound system, etc. It covers any reasonable damage such as a broken glass. The damage waiver is a non-refundable charge of 10% on applicable items.


Do you offer discounts or donations?
Yes, we do our best to accommodate requests, however, we cannot fulfill all.


What are the differences between the different styles of tents you offer?
Canopy Tents: Our most efficient and simple installations. They are our smallest tension tents, meaning they use opposing forces with a combination of stakes, ropes, and poles to remain upright. They are perfect for anything from graduation parties and catering stations to ceremonies and smaller gatherings. Canopy tents range in size from 20X20 to 30X60.

Pole Tents: A staple in our industry and our inventory. They are our largest tension tents. Tension tents use opposing forces through a combination of stakes, straps, and poles to retain their upright form. These tents are extremely versatile. They are well suited for wedding receptions, galas, and large festivals. We can install crystal chandeliers, lanterns, liners, or draping to create your dream setting. Sizes range from 30X30 to 60X150.

Marquee Frame Tents: The ideal walkway or entrance structure. They can connect a catering tent to a party tent or a tent to a structure. They have an internal frame which supports the tent's upright position. We use straps and concrete blocks or stakes to secure the tent in position. They range in lengths from 10' to 160'.

Frame Tents: The do-it-all tents. They can be used for elegant weddings and for auctions. The decorating options are seemingly endless. Their internal structure allows them to be installed in a multitude of arrangements. Sizes range from 10X10 to 50X135.

Sailcloth Tents: These tents are simply extraordinary. They are a very popular style for wedding receptions. The tent itself is visually striking. The beautiful translucent material and rounded ends set this tent apart from the rest. It is just as fabulous in a nautical setting on Lake Champlain as it is for the traditional Adirondack rustic chic. We have the ability to completely transform the interior with wood flooring, crystal chandeliers, market lights, custom bars, and lounge furniture. Conversely, the tent is very stylish with a simple layout and design. The structure is based on tension which requires strategically placed stakes, straps, and poles. Our sizes range from 44X43 to 44X103.

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